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16. September 2022

LEAX Group AB – LEAX Group invests in Green Tech start-up BRUDELI Green Mobility AS.

Disruptive electrification of commercial long-haul trucking utilizing new leaps in electric transmission technology, BRUDELI offer long-haul trucking powered by 80% electric energy. The BRUDELI Powerhybrid transmission module provides truck owners fuel and range flexibility, and a decisive cost advantage compared to both all electric (BEV) and all diesel (ICE) powered trucks.

BRUDELI’s goal is to bring its patented electrified truck transmissions to the market, starting serial deliveries in 2026. The world leading development and industrialization team is located in Hokksund, Norway.

The proceeds from this investment will be used for further development and testing of products, as well as business development in cooperation with key customers towards the first electrified pilot truck.

BRUDELI will continue to develop their products and secure patent positions for fully electric trucks as well as for hybrids with plug-in charging. The Powerhybrid will be the first product and testing beyond Proof of Concept is continuing through 2022. The investors in cooperation with Innovation Norway will develop the first pilot vehicle in close cooperation with truck manufacturers. Investor capital and a setup created in cooperation with Innovation Norway, will be used for developing the first pilot vehicle in close cooperation with truck manufacturers.

“We are excited by the opportunity to invest in BRUDELI as we see a clear strategic fit with LEAX’s ambition to develop fully integrated systems with a high degree of innovation. There is also a strong cultural fit with the highly experienced and motivated BRUDELI team and we look forward to helping them develop their ground-breaking technology” says Tony Nicol, CEO of LEAX.

“LEAX brings world class engineering and manufacturing experience to our team and the greatly strengthened ownership structure is a key step towards growth, success with customers, and towards financing the complete product industrialization” says Lasse Bjørkhaug, CEO at BRUDELI.

About LEAX

LEAX Group AB (publ) is the parent company of a group (“LEAX Group”) with about 1,200 employees. LEAX has operations in Köping, Falun and Falköping in Sweden, Riga and Rezekne in Latvia, Curitiba in Brazil, Detmold in Germany, Mezökövesd in Hungary and Wuxi in China. The Group is a manufacturer of mechanical components and subsystems for the heavy vehicle industry, passenger car industry, mining and construction industries and other engineering industries. LEAX Group also delivers customized gearboxes for various mechanical engineering industries. The Group had a turnover of SEK 1.7 billion in 2021.


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